August 10, 2011

Sea Foods

Seafood refers to any sea animal or plant that is served as food and eaten by humans. Seafood include seawater animals, such as fish and shellfish (including molluscs and crustaceans). By extension, in North America although not generally in the United Kingdom, the term seafood is also applied to similar animals from fresh water and all edible aquatic animals are collectively referred to as seafood.

Edible seaweeds are also seafood, and are widely eaten around the world, especially in Asia. See the category of sea vegetables.

The harvesting of wild seafood is known as fishing and the cultivation and farming of seafood is known as aquaculture, Mari culture, or in the case of fish, fish farming. Seafood is often distinguished from meat, although it is still animal and is excluded in a strict vegetarian diet. Seafood is an important source of protein in many diets around the world, especially in coastal areas.

sea foods dish
sea foods red small fishes
sea foods which one you like ?
different kind of sea foods
sea foods restaurant
sea foods with souses the most i like.

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