December 10, 2010

Tips for Booking Hotels

1. Early Booking: "The early bird gets the worm,” in this case, the expression stands true for hotel bookings. We suggest you get into the habit of booking your room as soon as you've finalized your travel plans. This would give you more room options and the best hotel rates possible.

2. Special Offers: A lot of offers and travel websites carry promotions and offer special deals for hotel bookings. Make sure to check these out.

Special offers could be in terms of add-on like:
1. Free Breakfast
2. Free Parking
3. Promotional Discounts
4. Free Upgrades
Make sure to check out available deals.

We at Cheapoair are proud to announce star rated hotel rooms under $99 at prime locations.

3. Freebies: When it comes to booking a hotel, the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal. A good deal is one which includes a lot of extras. The type of room and price should include amenities, like free continental breakfast, in-room coffee, shuttle service and an on-site pool and workout center, which can add up to big vacation savings. Make sure you check these out before you proceed with the booking.

4. Booking Period: We suggest you be flexible about your travel plans. Always do research to find out about off season travel discounts for the destination you intend to travel to. You can always plan your trip in and around that time. This would be a major contributor in saving your hard earned money. The additional benefit while placing a booking during off-season is fewer crowds means shorter lines for attractions and cheaper tickets to shows and events you might want to see.

5. Hidden charges: Watch out for any kind of hidden charges. Some hotels charge extra, such as city taxes and credit card fees after they’ve quoted you the hotel price. Always ensure that you have enquired about all the charges before proceeding with the booking.

6. Booking a Package: Package deals are great for travelers intending to holiday in popular destinations. Try looking for a package that would include air fare, attraction tickets, hotel accommodations, etc. Chances are that this is going to save you more money instead of buying/booking each item separately. Since you are booking a package, you may be delighted to find a few extras thrown in.

7. Stay Mid-Week: Weekends are generally the busiest times for hotels – and the most expensive time as well. If you can be flexible with the dates, we advise that you plan your trip mid-week, when the vacancy rate is the highest. You could book the lowest rate.

8. Sign up for newsletters: Most travel websites offer promotions and other discounts with regards to various items, such as hotels and airlines via their newsletters. Signing up for the newsletter is a guarantee that you won’t miss any travel deals.

Sign up for the Exclusive Fare Alerts Newsletter today, and be automatically entered into the, "Win a Trip for Two to Las Vegas" sweepstakes. Mistakes happen. But when the mistakes are connected to an airline ticket, they can ruin your entire trip. Always, carefully check, check and recheck all your information before you hit the ‘Book’ button when booking flights.

9. Lowest price guarantee: There are many sites which compare prices. You’ll see plenty of different prices advertised for your hotel stay. To make this work in your favor, check many sources; and then go with whichever one offers the best deal.

10. Location: Hotel prices tend to drop as you move further away from the center of the city, or beachfront. If you’re happy to take some public transport, taxi, or walk, you might be able to save a bit extra. Also, chances are there that you might be rewarded with lower room rates and perhaps even nicer accommodations for the same amount of money.

In short, a bit of planning when you are preparing for your holiday can help you save a lot of money on hotel rooms. We advise that you do the groundwork first, so you can enjoy yourself on vacation.

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